We only recommend optimal solutions with a data-based approach to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision, performance, productivity and being competitive.

A’s Initiative works with and solve challenging issues clients face

Our expertise and experience allow us to support in sections but not limited to banking and finance, agriculture, energy, research, economic development, infrastructure, and health.

Our expertise and experience allows us to support

A's Initiative, LLC has two pillars:


Where we perform Economics-Finance-Risk analysis and Enterprise Budget


Where we provide a level of peace of mind to secure client data. Examples: Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, etc.

Our objective is to help customers make informed decisions

We simplify business decisions by accounting for all possible inputs to deliver real and attainable-innovative solutions.

Technology Capabilities we can provide

Consult and Design solutions

Based on a combination of the following technologies:

Consult on DevOps

Consult on DevOps (for Virtual Reality) and Site Reliability Services. How to automatically and efficiently deploy, secure and monitor cloud environment.

Consult on Cybersecurity

Consult on Cybersecurity Compliance (NIST and CMMC 2.0) Certification pending for CMMC 2.0

Core competencies

Economic / financial

Economic / financial / business analysis

Risk management

Risk management

Cloud computing integration

Cloud computing integration & migration

Blockchain – cybersecurity

Blockchain – cybersecurity

Research & analysis

Our capabilities

Are you looking to explore our comprehensive range of services and capabilities? Our capability statement is now available for download, providing you with a detailed overview of our expertise and offerings.